Top performances

Amen offers top performances. Our monitoring systems and development check operations allow us to plan and support our system growth in advance and, therefore, to control potential failure moments. We gradually and constantly improve our platform hardware without causing any service interruptions.

All implementations are performed "on the spot", as our hosting platform structure has been desgined to guarantee flexibility and versatility during its development. Amen undoubtedly offers the best hosting platform in Italy, which is also one of the most competitive at the international level.

Our platforms have been developed in cooperation with some of the most important Information Technology operators.

We are one of the main HP partners, as we use a Blade architecture with Opteron Dual Core processors and Gigabit support.

We use Cisco technology to manage our networks and protect them from intrusions and the ad balancing systems offered by Nortel.

Our windows- based platforms have been developed in cooperation with Microsoft. We can therefore guarantee top MS system reliability.

Our clients' data is safe. The storage technolgy developed by our SAN from NetApp is the most reliable in the world. It guarantees redundancy, data analysis and top disk I/O protection.

Our development and maintenance team constantly monitor our service performance, so as to protect our clients from single point of failure and unexpected interruptions.

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