Server Backup

  • Complete high performance backup
  • Intuitive and versatile management
  • Simple and secure recovery operations
  • Telephone support

Advantages of the Server Backup service

The Server Backup service enables you to protect and retrieve all data stored on your Server, using a system technologically adaptable to each type of Server, whether virtual or dedicated and to each operating system, whether Linux or Windows. In just a few simple steps you can install and configure an agent (check requirements), which enables your server to communicate with the backup server and identify files and data to be stored in safety.

  • ReliabilityA prompt and risk-free protection system, programmable according to your needs, adaptable to all types of Server.
  • SimplicitySimple to configure and manage, the Server Backup service offers an intuitive management panel for a complete overview of all functions.
  • SecurityA risk-free system to safeguard your data and able to continuously protect information and data on the basis of your server type and the management requirements of each one.
  • Continuous data protectionThe advanced technology of Real Time Backup, used to implement various types of backup without repercussions on the performance and management of servers.
  • RecoveryThe recovery points can be managed individually with precise programming based on your specific needs.
  • PolicyUsers also have the option of programming policies in which the user can set the date and time of backups, selecting which and how many directories need to be protected, along with the recovery and restore times.

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Server Backup

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