Transfer your domain to Amen!


How to transfer one or more domains

In the relative section, enter the domain name to be transferred and select the extension from the drop-down menu. Then click on SUBMIT and follow the instructions on screen.

Otherwise, to transfer multiple domains simultaneously, fill the form online and you will be contacted by one of our operators, who will provide you with all the information required for correct transfer of all your domains.

How to get the most from your transfer

During the transfer procedure, you can select whether to continue using your DNS or those of Amen. We recommend using those of Amen to be able to use the additional services included in the transfer price.

Why should I transfer my domain name to Amen?

Would you like to transfer domains other than .it .com .net .org .eu?

NEW! Enter your domain name and select the extension you are interested in. Fill in the form and an operator will take care of the entire transfer procedure for you!


Can't find the extension you were looking for, fill in the form and request further information from our Team!

All inclusive price

If you already own a website you can buy our hosting service and move your pages to our servers choosing the Amen DNS to transfer your website to us. This way you will benefit of all the services included in the transfer fee.

040-888 29000 (NL) / 03 303 01 44 (BE)


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Bijzondere extensies

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Nieuwe domeinen

Er komen meer dan 700 nieuwe extensies aan met ongekende mogelijkheden

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Online Brand protection

Uw domeinnaam beschermen?

Online Brand Protection registreer uw naam in alle extensies en bescherm uw merknaam wereldwijd

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Domein Waarde bepaling

Is het domein van uw keuze al geregistreerd?

Ontdek hoeveel het waard is en of u het kunt aanschaffen!

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