The virtual server scalable and flexible

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Absolute superioriteit als een standaard


Server perfect gemodelleerd voor uw behoeften


Nieuwste generatie redundantie opslagruimte

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Why choose our virtual servers?

Hoge performantie

Cloud VPS Servers - thanks to Dell hardware and Cisco networking technologies - offer the best platform to deliver virtualization services with high performance, high availability and low failure rate.

Schaalbaarheid en Flexibiliteit

No configuration limits for your virtual server Cloud VPS: suits for your needs CPU, RAM and disk. Our Cloud VPS are always tailored to your needs and those of your business virtual server: you can always find the perfect solution, due to the perfect combination of technology and flexibility.

Technische support

Our service will provide assistance to solve any problem with your server, 24 hours a day seven days a week. The service is available from the 'Support' section of the Control Panel.

Cloud VPS

De virtuele private server op maat van uw behoeften.

Contractperiode en prijs
  • 1 maand
  • 3 maanden Bespaar 5 %
  • 6 maanden Bespaar 8 %
  • 1 jaar Bespaar 10 %

maandelijks +BTW

prova Bestel nu

Onze Servers deelnemen op Treedom projecteren om te compenseren de invloed van onze platform op het bijdragen uitstoot van kooldioxide te verminderen.

  • Besturingssystemen
    CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu en Windows besturingssystemen, gratis beschikbaar voor uw Virtuele Server. Configuratie, installeren en licentie hebben geen kosten
    1. Linux

    2. Windows

  • Plesk Obsidian
    Plesk Obsidian is beschikbaar in de virtuele servers in drie verschillende versies: Web Admin Edition (tot 10 domeinen), Web Pro Edition (tot 30 domeinen) en Web Host Edition (onbeperkt aantal domeinen); voor meer informatie over uitvoeringen en mogelijkheden kunt u terecht op deze pagina
curve curve
  • v
    GRATIS Windows en Linux besturingssysteem, te kiezen via het Controle Paneel tijdens activeren

  • vGeen setup kosten

Het gebruiksgemak van deze Virtual Servers maakt het de beste oplossing voor multiple site hosting, dankzij het Plesk paneel en de selecteerbare configuratie.

Virtual Servers zijn het beste product voor het opzetten van een development omgeving voor applicaties en websites.

Het meest betaalbare product waarmee u uw Virtual Server helemaal naar wens kunt inrichten.

Dankzij de schaalbaarheid van Virtual Servers is het bijzonder makkelijk om deze te laten voldoen aan alle mogelijk eisen.


Infrastruttura Cloud: la qualità al tuo servizio

Microsoft Hyper-V

The virtualization technology Hyper-V based on Windows Server 2012 R2 gives our virtual servers all the advantages of completely separate host and guest operating systems. This means you can enjoy the benefits of an authentic virtual server with a dedicated operating system at a very attractive price. You can install and configure the operating system and software to be used on the basis of the product you have chosen, from a vast range of operating systems available (constantly updated), with the assurance of performance always designed to support all your applications, thanks to a low vCPU-to-core ratio and dedicated allocation of RAM. Our platform is also full-virtualized, with an unlimited number of processes or threads that can be executed simultaneously. Highly efficient services and minimal maintenance will leave you free to dedicate your time exclusively to your business.

Dell and Cisco technology

Our virtual servers are hosted on the hardware produced by major world brands. Dell hardware and Cisco network technologies offer the best possible platform to provide virtualization services with high performance, optimal availability and low failure rates. High speed servers that respond to all needs and demands for reliability over time, with special attention to energy consumption and environmental impact. In fact we comply with the Treedom initiative in terms of compensating for the CO2 levels of our servers. We have selected the best storage units on the market to host your data. The drives on the Cloud VPS are hosted on two NAS NetApp series FAS6200 using Flash Pool technology, which automates storage tiering between SSD and SAS disks: this ensures data security thanks to RAID-DP functionality, with constant availability at maximum possible speeds.


Plesk is a software package designed to simplify management of your server. A simple interface accessible online enables you to create space to host your web sites, manage FTP users, email accounts, databases, install or update the software most useful for your server. Plesk also offers a series of useful tools for quick backups of your server and the data stored, both locally and in a remote space, all restorable when needed, even on another server. Plesk is constantly updated to remain 100% protected against the risk of any attack, and includes an antivirus and antispam software for complete tranquillity when sending and receiving emails.

No setup cost and license

Get online immediately with your website and online services, without any set-up cost or concerns at the time of purchase regarding which operating system to use for the virtual server you choose. The operating system licenses are always included, also for the latest versions of Windows. Access the section 'Operating System' of the Control Panel and select your preferred operating system: you can choose this from a constantly updated list in this area.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

By our SLA (Service Level Agreement) 99,999 % Uptime per month in terms of electrical power supply, ambient air conditioning and network availability.
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  • icona
  • State-of-the-art data center ja
  • IPv4 adres 1
  • Verkeer 1TB/maand
  • icona
  • Firewall software ja
  • Hardware & Netwerk monitoring 24/7/365
Configuratie & administratie
  • icona
  • Root toegang ja
  • Amen Nederland Controle Paneel ja
  • Plesk Obsidian Web Admin Edition - 10 domeinen optioneel
  • Plesk Obsidian Web Pro Edition - 30 domeinen optioneel
  • Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition - onbeperkt aantal domeinen optioneel
Beschikbare besturingssystemen (te kiezen tijdens activatie)
  • icona
  • CentOS 7, CentOS 8 gratis
  • Debian 9 Stretch, Debian 10 Buster gratis
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS gratis
  • Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019 gratis
  • icona
  • Email support gratis
  • Telefonische support gratis
  • Noodgeval Support beschikbaar in de avonden, weekenden en op feestdagen gratis

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